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Exceptional Images deserve an Exceptional Presentation

Wedding Photgraphy

Wedding being once-in-a-lifetime moment demands the extraordinary treatment, photography is no different. Professional photographers of Ashish – Gaurav Photography are extremely skilled in clicking down candid shots of their patrons in a way that unblemishingly depict the emotions.

We are blessed with the well trained and experienced candid photographers as candid photography being an advanced form of photography requires the special analytical skill in order to formerly analyze the moment and click down momentous photographs of our clients. Having the extreme passion towards our professional photographers captures their every shot in a way that it turn out to be treasuring gift for our patrons.

Pre-Wedding Photgraphy

Who doesn’t what to feel special and have some cozy moments with a partner, just before the wedding? Pre-wedding photography renders the couple such moments and also give them a chance to prepare themselves for facing the camera on their big day. Pre-wedding photography is all about the creative and innovative approach of a photographer.

Professional photographers of this studio with their creative perception capture the photographs which are exquisite and rare to find. Pre-wedding photographs come out beautifully when couples are perfectly synchronized with the gorgeous background. The different photographic technique is adopted by a photographer in order to bring out stunning photographs.

Candid Photgraphy

It’s said that natural photographs are the best photographs and comes out magnificently. Candid shots are real photographs and it doesn’t comprise any fakes. Professional photographers of this studio are specially trained in capturing the instant shots of our patrons in order to click down the picture with utmost natural emotions and expressions.

With our rigorous effort towards constant technology and trend updation we accent on providing the maximum satisfaction with our work to our customers.

Model Photgraphy

Fashion and style touches the new dimension with model photography. In model photography its all about the technique of capturing the attitude or outlook through the perfect angle in a way that it turns out astonishingly beautiful.

As professional photographers, we efforts on capturing the shots with unique factor every time in order to capture the whole zest of the outlook. With our every service we emphasize on capturing the shots in a manner to provide extreme satisfaction to our customers.

Product Photgraphy

Product photography is a great way of showcasing the every positive aspects of the product and plays the great role in product marketing. Being well embraced by technically qualified photographers, we never fail in attaining the expectations of our patrons and same theory follows with product photography too.

Professional photographs of this studio while capturing the product photographs follow the detailed erudition in order to click down the product photographs peerlessly.


Who doesn’t want to have a celebrity feel? Cinematic photography gives you that feel, weddings give us a perfect chance to enjoy the cinematic photography. In order to render our customers with trendy photographs we keep ourself well updated with latest photography trend.

Drone cameras nowadays play a perfect role in capturing the cinematic photographs flawlessly.